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Shushi Food

Here you can get kinds of famous sushi worldwide.

Makizushi :

Makizushi (巻き寿司, "rolled sushi"), norimaki (海苔巻き, "nori roll", used generically for other dishes as well) or makimono (巻物, "variety of rolls") is a cylindrical piece formed with the help of a bamboo mat known as a makisu (巻き簾). Makizushi is usually cut into six or eight pieces, which constitutes a single roll order.

Nigiri :

Nigiri sushi is a type of sushi composed of sushi rice – rice mixed with vinegar, sugar, and salt – and typically seafood. Atop a bite-sized portion of sushi rice, a thin slice of (often raw) fish or other seafood is placed. The topping is frequently affixed with the help of a dab of wasabi or strip of nori (seaweed).

Chirashizushi :

Generally, Chirashi Sushi or simply Chirashi means “scattered” (=chirashi 散らし) sushi in Japan where the ingredients are mixed in and topped on sushi rice. It's often vegetarian and if it is not, it usually contains cooked ingredients like cooked unagi rather than raw fish.

Sasazushi :

Sasazushi sushi with sushi rice, toppings and condiments on bamboo leaves (sasa). There is a variety of toppings such as wild vegetables like warabi, bamboo shoots, zenmai, and other ingredients like miso-marinated daikon, walnuts, carrots, hijiki, aburaage, kinshi tamago, sakura denbu, and salmon flakes.

Oshizushi :

Oshizushi (押し寿司, "pressed sushi"), also known as hako-zushi (箱寿司, "box sushi"), is a pressed sushi from the Kansai region, a favorite and specialty of Osaka. A block-shaped piece is formed using a wooden mold, called an oshibako. The block is removed from the mold and then cut into bite-sized pieces.



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