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Top 10 Thailand Food List :

  1. Kao Ka Moo :

This version of Kha Moo (ขาหมู) is a delicious and flavorful pork leg roast that is braised and then simmered for 3 - 4 hours in a broth made with star anise, cinnamon, cumin, sugar, soy sauces, and Shitaki mushrooms. The result is a rich and juicy pork roast unlike many others.

2. Khao Soi :

Khao Soi is traditionally eaten with chopsticks and a Chinese soup spoon. Not to worry, though. The slow cooked chicken should come right off the bone with the chopsticks and the Chinese spoon helps to scoop up every last drop of the broth.

3. Som Tam :

The theory that green papaya salad originated in Laos explains why som tam is so popular in Isaan. Isaan is Thailand's largest and northernmost region. It also shares a border with Laos. The Isaan region and Laos both enjoy sticky rice, brine crabs, olives, tamarind juice and preserved fish.

4. Pad Thai :

Pad Thai is a Thai dish of stir-fried rice noodles with eggs, vegetables and tofu in a sauce of tamarind, fish, dried shrimp, garlic, red chilli pepper and sugar. Some of the ingredients are provided on the side as condiments, including red chilli pepper, lime wedges and peanuts.

5. Pad Krapow :

Pad Krapow is an innocent stir-fry and therefore a healthy choice. If you stop to notice that the ground meat is soaked in flavorful oil, and the holy basil leaves have been deep fried to release that heaven-in-a-mouthful flavor, the deception is quickly over.

6. Pad Phak :

Some of the popular Thai dishes include Thai curries, Som Tam Salad, Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai noodles, Satay, among others.

7. Kai Jeow :

Thai Omelette (Kai Jeow) This simple Thai-style omelette is one of the easiest and most satisfying Thai dishes you can ever make.

8. Thai Chicken Satay :

The sauce that is created for the traditional Asian food dish which may consist of some type of cubed meat or vegetables that are marinated, placed on a skewers (bamboo sticks), and then grilled, broiled or roasted on an open fire.

9. Waterfall Beef Salad :

This salad is based on the famous "Waterfall Beef" dish in Thailand, so called because of the splashing sound of juices falling on a hot.

10. Thai Grilled Whole Fish :

In a mortar and pestle (or a food processor), mix to a coarse paste. Rub this into the fish, and pack any that is left inside the fish. Then wrap it securely and grill/broil for about 5-6 minutes per side. While it is cooking, prepare the dipping sauce.



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