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About the Quality of Foods

Quality Of Foods

We are strongly committed to provide the best quality of foods at great price to our customers . Many people always worried about the quality of foods in PG , street food and outside their house. By keeping all these things in our mind we came up with a solution and lunched a brand name called Tasty Food Day. We have a proper diet plan for our customer to keep customer healthy , energized and happy. It is much more need to focus on quality of food rather then obsessing over the calories , carbs or fat. We have a proper and effective guidelines to all the restaurants to mention the quality of the food. Our executive are regularly check and monitor the associated restaurant about the quality of food. Our package of tiffin are designed based on the students and office boys/girls budget , time and quality of food and services .


Here are 5 guidelines which we are following while cooking food.


  1. Minimally Processed : We are selecting foods that are close to the way naturally occur.
  2. Organic :  Vegetable with pesticide and chemical is harmful for our body. There are no any chemical , genetically modified or artificial substance added in the food.
  3. Local : As we know locally produced food are always be healthier. So we are always use to purchase locally produce foods then shipped ones. The longer fruits and vegetables have been cut off contains less nutrients.      
  4. Seasonal : We are always providing seasonal foods which are higher in nutrients and great in taste.